• Swim Dad

    Creates all of our graphic designs and handles everything apparel, sourcing, website and production related, good dude, year-over-year #1 Dad mug recipient

  • Swim Mom

    Handles all the legal, operational and logistical heavy lifting, swim meet coordinator, moral booster, unpaid-part-time taxi driver, inspiration for every "loud swim mom" design

  • Big Swim Kid

    Social media expert, *business social media foot-dragger, identifies and reports on new trends, math expert, science and technology consultant, great kid

  • Little Swim Kid

    The General of the family unit. Writer, artist, social media icon explainer, fast becoming business and marketing guru, great kid

How it started...

Welcome to TrendySwimmer, where style meets the pool deck!

We are a swimmer apparel brand born out of a delightful twist of fate and a splash of family adventures. Picture this: Two little girls, giddy with excitement, outfitted in their cutest swimsuits with matching swim goggles and caps (with cat ears!), marching off to the pool for their first swim lessons.

Little did we know that this moment would propel us into the wild and wonderful world of competitive swimming, transforming us into the ultimate "swim family."

It all started innocently enough when we enrolled our girls in a local swim club. “Something to keep them busy and provide a little exercise”, we thought. Little did we realize that we were signing up for a full-fledged plunge into a water-filled world of chlorine, early morning practices, and the mysterious art of deciphering a heat sheet.

How it's going!

As we swam deeper into this aquatic journey, we discovered that the swim community was a vibrant and passionate bunch. We cheered, we laughed, we cried (mostly from goggle-induced mishaps), and we forged friendships that would last a lifetime. Somewhere in the midst of endless swim meets and post-practice snack shenanigans, the idea for TrendySwimmer was born.

Our mission

To inject a dose of fun, humor, and trendy style into a sport that has become our weekend ritual. We wanted to create a brand that not only celebrated the dedication and hard work of swimmers (and their biggest fans: swim parents), but also had a mischievous wink and a cheeky grin. After all, swimming should be about embracing the water, overcoming adversity as a team and individually, and having a splash-tastic time in the process!

At TrendySwimmer, we've combined our love for swimming and fashion to bring you a collection that will make you the MVP of every swim meet. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or a newbie testing the waters, we've got you covered with our trendy graphic tees, cozy hoodies, and accessories that scream "swim chic."

Oh, and did we mention our swimmer apparel is designed with a generous dose of humor? From punny swim quotes to quirky prints that will make you giggle mid-lap, our products are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face (even when your goggles are fogged up).

So dive into TrendySwimmer, where we celebrate the chlorine-scented adventures, the awkward tan lines, and the unbreakable bond of the swim family. Join us as we make waves, one stroke at a time, and remember the advice of our beloved swim coach: always swim happy!

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