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Oh hi there! Hello!

TrendySwimmer was founded by a family of five with 3 kids who were all in swim programs (2 still are) - from little swimmers to high school, and soon, college 🤯

Fred creates all of our graphic designs and handles everything apparel, sourcing and production related, while Ani does all the legal, operational and logistical heavy lifting. Our kids keep us informed on what's trendy, handle most social media and are fast becoming creative artists in their own right ;)  

As you can imagine, we know a thing or two about competitive swimming: The ability to make enough pasta for a small army, two-a-day practices and swim meets that take up almost every weekend (wait...for a 58 second event?).

We've meet so many, many awesome athletes, coaches, fans, families and friends over the years.

Swim is fun! The crowds, the sounds, the excitement!

But, also: Swim is hard! It takes dedication and perseverance; of self and of a team. Early morning practice and late night swim meets are the norm. There is no 'off' season.


Often, all of this happens without much support and little fanfare from most K-12 schools or larger sports programs, outside of the swim clubs themselves.

The work (and passion) comes straight from the swimmers, their families, volunteers, and the fans.

Although challenging, we have come to look forward to our time together, around the pool deck, with great joy and much humor.

We bet you do too!

Our goal was to create a line of products that reflect the pride and passion of competitive swimming. But also, to showcase all the humor and fun that goes along with it!

We love when we see our designs and products around the pool deck and appreciate the opportunity to help represent the sport we all love.

Swim happy, swim healthy and we hope to see you at the next swim meet! - ❤︎ All Of Us at TrendySwimmer.com 🏊‍♂️